Slade Ham (Headliner)
Averaging more than 200 shows a year, Slade Ham has performed in twenty-six countries on four different continents. Whether in Amsterdam, Toronto, or Texas, he cuts right to the heart of what makes the audience tick. There’s no pageantry, no props, no musical cues or novelty closer; he doesn’t have to take his pants off on stage to get huge laughs. A seasoned headliner at clubs across the United States, Slade also toured extensively as a feature act for both Ralphie May and Christopher Titus, opening for the latter’s 5th Annual End of the World Tour at the South Beach Comedy Festival for Comedy Central. He headlined XM/Sirius’s two hour long, Best of Texas special and all three of his full length albums continue to receive daily airplay on both the Raw Dog and Blue Collar Comedy stations. Slade also returned to Montreal where his short film, A Fistful of Pills, went up against Kevin Pollack at the Just for Laughs festival and won, and most recently he appeared on A&E’s Flipped Off alongside Survivor’s Russel Hantz. You even saw him in ring at Wrestlemania XXV. That last part is a lie.

Jim McNally
Although Canadian and American audiences have been howling at Jim McNally for over a decade now, he is becoming more and more recognized lately after stellar performances at the Ha!lifax Comedy Festival and on CTV's "Comedy NOW!". In 2005, he was the first comedian to get a standing ovation at Ottawa's Absolute Comedy and was asked back to headline thier first anniversary weekend. The following is his 'bio blurb', which describes him pretty well, but really, you've gotta see him. Jim is a comedian with an irreverent outlook that blends big city wit with small town cheekiness. His Irish, story-telling roots shine through in his performances which weave observations of the everyday into stories from his own life to highlight the absurdities of the world we live in. Jim's spontaneous and engaging style, quick wit, and knack for seeing the outlandish make him a natural, versatile performer who leaves audiences doubled over with laughter and wanting more.