Lamont Ferguson (Headliner)
Lamont Ferguson started his comedy career at the ripe age of 17. Having been a highly touted musician throughout high school, it seemed only natural. Lamont’s trumpet playing got him such prestigious gigs as opening band musician for Miss Ella Fitzgerald as well as various Las Vegas performances. Lamont made his first stand-up appearance at the La Jolla Comedy Store and according to him it’s been “one long war of attrition after that.” In the past 20 years he’s played everywhere from Anchorage to Yuma and all letters in between. He’s been honing his craft for all those years. “I feel like if I can provide a good living for my family doing something that I love, then in a sense I have made it…but a pay raise can never hurt,” says Ferguson. Lamont’s act is constantly evolving, changing with him as he grows. “That’s what makes Cosby so great, he’s been funny, I mean double over funny for the past 30 years!” That’s what I base my plan on. “

Julie Kim
Julie Kim is a rising star in the Canadian comedy scene. She was a 2012 Canadian Comedy Award nominee for Best Stand-Up Newcomer, and a gala performer at the 2012 Halifax Comedy Festival. Julie has also been featured on CBC’s The Debaters and performed among some of Canada’s funniest people at the Hubcap Comedy Festival in 2013. She recently performed at the 2013 Edmonton Comedy Festival. Ms. Kim has performed in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax, Moncton, Edmonton, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. She currently resides in beautiful British Columbia and travels across the country in order to fulfill her mission to make every Canadian laugh at least one time.